Working with refrigerant manufacturers we have identified suitable 9 series refrigerants and successfully undertaken drop in replacements for R22 in large and small R22 systems with great success and minimal loss in plant efficiency.

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Refrigerant Retrofits





We can investigate and implement solutions to overcome high energy usage sites, incorporating externally switched equipment to existing Buildings Management Systems

Energy Saving




Having engaged with numerous customers to repair heavily vandalised equipment, it really was a no brainer that a more robust permanent security solution was required. We therefore set about providing a one stop shop to ensure the equipment was protected both during and after the repairs. With 30 years industry experience, we have the knowledge and knowhow to ensure security solutions meet the needs of planning officers and local authorities.

VSD Installation




Engaging with equipment manufacturers such as Combat (Roberts Gordon) and Airedale, we have designed a bespoke solution to capitalise on savings from the installation of Variable Speed Drives to be used during the ventilation cycle of the equipment’s use.  We have taken exceptional care to ensure that when the plant operates in heating and cooling that there is no compromise in safety nor will there be any negative effect on the life of the plant, indeed the life of maintenance consumables such as filters and belts are increased.  We have where required redesigned existing control philosophies to maximise on the use of free heating and cooling.




Our experience gained over years of servicing and maintaining large packaged plant types has borne the desire to undertake only quality repairs, including line components and switchgear. All repairs include thorough investigation into the cause of the failure. Full “as installed” commissioning procedures will ensure that the plant is certain of the longest possible life. This includes, where required,  full air volume tests. Systems will be cleaned internally and externally to ensure that once handed back it is fully maintainable.

Compressor and Component Replacement




We have historically identified weak components within packaged air conditioning equipment, designing and implementing low-costs preventative measures to negate the need for expensive plant replacement and avoid the embarrassment of not being able to trade through environmental conditions.

Ventilation Equipment AHU Rebuilds

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