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Green Man Group

Green Man Group is a cluster of family run businesses based in rural Gloucestershire and founded in 2008 by Paul Boon. Well known in the industry for his ingenuity and dedication to his work, Paul's key objectives are to maximise plant longevity, decrease costs, and increase our world's sustainability through innovative energy saving solutions.


Green Man Environmental Services Ltd, or GMES, is a fundamental part of the Group and it is through GMES we supply our specialist controls and HVAC services to commercial clients across the UK.


Our values remain as important to us now as they were when we started. We think they are inherent to our  success and teamed with the three objectives they form the basis of everything we do.


Our Values


- Honesty and integrity at all times. We treat our clients and their businesses with as much respect as we treat our own. Nothing is hidden, we value our relationships and pride ourselves on the fact that you will always know as much as we do when it counts.

- Proud of what we do. Paul's passion for what he does is represented throughout the business by likeminded people. We all work towards the same goals, share the same values and are all proud of our achievements.

- Extreme high standards. We are our biggest critic.




Paul Boon

Paul Boon

Director Green Man Group